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15th annual Spoken Word

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January 1, 1970 12:00 am

Celebrating the spoken word in verse, story, and song, local performers will give breath to their original works in the 15th annual Spoken Word on April 29. With the theme of Truth, the performers will explore the concept whay they know to be true? How to speak your own truth? How is your truth different from what others perceive to be true?
Both new and familiar faces will grace the stage: from the fresh verse of regional college students to grandparents offering stories honed from lifetime of wisdom and wit.
Unlike any other event in our region, the Spoken Word event is meant to enlighten and excite audiences as static pieces of writing come physically alive on the stage, revealing the power of words to delight, inspire, and transform.
This Theater of the Seventh Sister annual event aims to build a community of artists whose works juxtapose and have conversations with each other in the shared public space of the stage.

The Spoken Word performance will be held April 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Mennonite Church, 328 W. Orange St., Lancaster.  Contact The Theater of the Seventh Sister for more information or to reserve tickets.

Participants include:  storytellers Tony Crocamo and  Marie Winger, poets Scott Hower, Annie Ginder, Marla Kipp, Glen Mazis, Peggy Rushton, Mimi Shapiro, and Beth Weaver-Kreider as well as a number of new performers.

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