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Judith Kennedy sees poetry as a way of keeping soulfulness alive in our world.  Most recently, her poem, “In the Center of the Fire,” has been set to music for choir by composer Bruce Pennycook of the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music.  Her work also appears in Mythopoetry Scholar, Atlanta Review, Ellipsi  and other journals. Judith works at Samaritan Counseling Center in Lancaster, PA. 




This august night the dark pond

shimmers with blue stars,


its overflow spills onto sienna ground

where Iroquois arrowhead and pottery


are sunk deep beneath our feet.

Cicada buzz now just as they did then,


like unseen molecules dancing beneath

the half moon.  Lanterns, not lights, glow


from behind unshuttered windows, as

baby possum crawls around the ponds edge


and dogs jolt with ancient alertness from

moist pine needles, sensing something unknown


peering from behind the fern and jewel weed,

a rustling, a shift in the wind, and we all run


with the wings of history back in time

through the open door.

 Used by permission of Judith Kennedy. Copyright 2013.


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