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Peggy Rushton is a Lancaster-based writer of short stories and poetry, with work published in the U.K. collections “Peering Crystalline” and “Words In Place”, as well in“Voices in Poetry“ and “Phase” magazine, both in the United States. She attended Temple University, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and Emerson College, East Sussex, U.K. 

Why Stars Don’t Speak

In vast night

stars hang their


in silence.

But, so loud

they are;

they move us to poetry,

and direction.

Stars comfort our solitude.


Stars wait

beyond the brilliant blue

of mid day sky.

They shine, unseen,

they  require

no witness to their being.


Stars whisper no secret,

tell no lies,

and promise only to be.


They have no use for words.

Stars are made

for presence, only.

And that

is the infinite

language of God.

Used by permission of Peggy Rushton. Copyright 2013.


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