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Glen A. Mazis has published many poems in literary journals, including Rosebud, The North American Review, Sou’wester, Spoon River Poetry Review, Willow Review, The Atlanta Review and Ashville Poetry Review (best of 1994-2004). His book of poetry, The River Bends in Time was published by Anaphora Literary Press in March 2012,  and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 


Bhakti, the Zen Chihuahua

She came from Paradise, not the celestial,

but the place with black buggies with red flags waving,

warning the twenty-first century to slow down,

boys in rounded hats hammering quietly

using old barn wood to interlock smoothly,

tongues tied and looking stoically handsome.


Maybe, it was the Amish shining eyes without words

taught her to be still, not even barking for a year,

but even when she was sixteen able to calm a room.

Her big brown eyes had moons lodged in them

that seemed to hold fast to a heavenly tide

guiding her serenely through others’ bustle.


She was named for the dog who was the first

and only animal to enter Nirvana, since Yudisthira,

gambler of kingdoms and brides, but oh so holy,

wouldn’t leave behind his most loyal friend.

Brahman at the gates couldn’t believe he wouldn’t come in

without her, until he fathomed the depth of a dog’s heart.


Used by permission of Glen Mazis. Copyright 2013.


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