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Marilyn Morrison has been writing poems since she was a child.  She believes there is a transformative power in writing, and is currently involved in two small writing groups.  She writes poems about nature, family, growth and change, and stories for her grandchildren.  She has been published by La Leche League (1979), “Friends Journal” (2008), and local publications.

Things I Leave Behind

Sometimes I’m forgetful

and busy in my mind;

then it is, wherever I am,

I leave and item behind.


Sometimes it’s a dish,

and always a favorite one;

sometimes it’s a raincoat

when the rain has turned to sun.


Sometimes my sunglasses wander

into someone else’s car,

and I search for them for about a week

’til I remember where they are.


Trifles these are, for truly,

I can replace them if I must,

but what is it I will leave behind

when I have turned to dust?


All the raincoats, sunglasses, dishes,

the towel left with a friend,

are nothing at all compared to what

I leave at the very end.


Will I have left a smile

with people I have known?

Or a song in the air to brighten the day,

of someone who is alone?


Will the garden I have tended

continue to bloom and grow?

I’d like to think what I’ll leave behind

are seeds for others to sow–


seeds to grow more flowers,

seeds that can weather storms,

seeds of my loving, seeds of my living,

a garden to continue on.

Used by permission of Marilyn Morrison. Copyright 2013.


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