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Daniella Laudadio is a junior English major at Millersville University. As the eldest of five children, she most enjoys the hectic nature of life. She loves to read, hike, travel, and lose herself in live music. Writing is her favorite way to make sense of the world.


I interviewed God
in my dreams last night.

I asked him about Eden.
He shrugged, then said,
“I should’ve had a backup plan.”

When I asked him to pick
his favorite creation
he paused, then said, “Gravity,
because it’s invisible but
beautiful because
it never gets tired of
holding everything together.”

He leaned forward
with his head
in his hands,
and sighed.

“Love was the best idea I ever had,
but I must’ve miscalculated.
It’s too volatile, you see.
Some people just can’t handle it.”

That’s when I woke up
and remembered
I don’t believe in God.

But before the fog of sleep
lifted with the sunrise,
I was sure I could believe
in that weary man
whose tired eyes confessed
that even his best miracle
can be a burden.

Used by permission of Daniella Laudadio. Copyright 2013.


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