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Kate Brady is the current Poet Laureate of Hanover, PA, where she grew up.  She earned an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, where she won the Lannan Poetry Award, and she has taken doctoral classes in Caribbean Literature in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Kate has taught college writing courses for four years and currently teaches for South University and HACC. Her work has been published in Sister Speak, The Evening Sun, Fledgling Rag, The Columbia Poetry Review, and Poetry in the Round Anthology.




It comes from warm blood, movement

of breath, chest exorcising

daily. There are hints

of gasoline, sawdust, tire tread,

a woman’s perfume. It smells

like my father

at dusk in the summertime,

like the construction worker beside you

on the rush hour train.

Yes, it’s refreshing.

It’s pedestrians leaning

into the wind, as if gravity

likes the upper body better,

the chest, the neck, the forehead.

People bend above the bellybutton

when they forget their hat,

hands on their ears and elbows forward

like they’re entering the parallel squat rack.

It’s two feet moving in different directions,

hitting the ground at precise times

widening weight.

It’s feet in rubbers in muck.



  1. Mon 15th Aug 2011 at 9:51 pm

    A breeze is “Grit”, as the line that is left sustained on the concrete column of the Harrison subway, underground, in the Windy City.
    –Former Student.

    Much luck, Kate.


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