May 31 11
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Before writer Chris Longenecker commits pen to paper, she tests the cadence of lines and phrases with her own footfalls.

“I work it out until I have something to share,” she says. “I feel strongly that a poem shouldn’t just be a release of emotion, but should have a message, something to say that is uplifting in some way.”

The rhythms of her rhymes are constructed painstakingly, turned over and over in her head as she pounds the pavement, to work and home again. (more…)

Mar 30 10
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The expansive narratives of award-winning poet Gerald Stern, juxtaposing themes of melancholy and loss with a sense of elation and pure joy, offer a rich, complex portrait of what it means to journey through life as an American. (more…)

Jan 30 08
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Carmine Sarracino arrived at the Civil War through poetry.

As a graduate student, the Walt Whitman scholar was deeply affected by the 1865 “Drum-Taps” collection based on Whitman’s years as a volunteer nurse comforting wounded soldiers in a Washington D.C. war hospital. (more…)

Jan 13 02
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In gathering together a collection representing a quarter-century of work, poet Fred Chappell looked to his garden.

More specifically, he sees his book Spring Garden as a harvest of greens and herbs for a seasonal salad to share with his wife. In this collection, there is the quick bite of watercress that is identified with his tart epigrams; or the leafy fullness of lettuce, once considered a luxury, that is emblematic of the richness and fullness of a cherished life he celebrates; or the fiddleheads of emerging ferns, said to render one invisible, that he calls on to write about characters he observes. (more…)

Feb 16 01
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The poet Agha Shahid Ali sees himself as a multiple exile. Between countries, between cultures, between languages, he is able to move at once in the midst of these worlds and at the same time remain a keen observer of them. (more…)

Sep 13 00
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A simple poem, written nearly three decades ago about the Plain people of the Pennsylvania Dutch region, was the impetus and is now the centerpiece of a book by celebrated illustrator Thomas Locker. (more…)

Mar 16 00
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Encountering the work of artist Lesley Dill is to move in the spaces between what our senses reveal.

In is in this intangible in-betweenness, moving beyond what words and images can literally say, is where Dill finds her inspiration.

The exhibit “Lesley Dill: Word and Image” at Lebanon Valley College is a powerful melding of poetry and flesh that is at once painfully striking and as ethereal as mist. (more…)

Sep 13 99
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Fleda Brown Jackson is masterful in casting her poet’s eye on human relations, seeing how we establish connections with each other. (more…)

Apr 16 99
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Len Roberts came late to poetry.

It wasn’t until 1975, when he found himself alone in an old farmhouse in Germansville after separating from his first wife, that he began what he thought were a series of cathartic letters to his family. (more…)

Mar 20 99
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In an evening of poetry that was more about adrenaline and attitude than careful crafting of phrase, a local actor and writer emerged victorious in the county’s first poetry slam competition.

“I should have a little crown. Next year I want a tiara,” joked Sharon Mellinger after her win. (more…)

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