May 08 03
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Sharon Lovejoy believes it’s never too soon, or never too late, to fall in love with gardening.

The celebrated author and illustrator of gardening books like “Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots,” “Sunflower Houses,” and newly-released “Trowel and Error,” Lovejoy can’t remember a time when she wasn’t spending her days out in the garden. (more…)

Mar 26 03
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Writer Rebecca McClanahan wears many hats.

The accomplished poet, essayist, novelist, writing instructor and lyricist doesn’t put limits on herself when she puts pen to paper.

“I just move like the weather,” she said. “I see what’s in the air and dress accordingly.”

That flexibility allows her to employ a multitude of genres. (more…)

Mar 13 03
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Poet James Hoch holds great faith in the power of words.

He can turn a split lip into a thing of beauty, the cooking of a turtle into a graceful dance.

And in his first book, “A Parade of Hands,” he thanks his “wife” Marianne, having faith that their May wedding on a Lancaster farm will indeed happen. He wills it so with his words. (more…)

Feb 28 03
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Poet Billy Collins likes to think of himself as a stand-up comedian.

“I like to start a poem by disarming the reader, setting it up, then delivering the punchline,” he said.

It’s a typical pattern in his poems, beginning with humor, then ending in revelation. (more…)

Feb 20 03
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Poet Carmine Sarracino sees our own clumsy striving for beauty and exults.

In the crow’s sharp attempt for song, he sees the true sweetness. In the heavy elephant body of an insurance salesman, he sees the exuberant dance. In a wife’s slight gesture to close her husband’s overcoat, he sees the certainty of love.

Sarracino bears witness to this everyday longing for the sublime. It’s what he celebrates in his first book, “The Idea of the Ordinary.” (more…)

Oct 11 02
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Poet Stephen Behrendt takes notice of things: how “air takes on a certain edge” before an approaching storm, how a coyote runs when he is “trusting the way is clear and straight ahead.”

In Lincoln, Nebraska, where he now lives on 12 deer-filled acres with his family, the great horned owls are shy. (more…)

Apr 05 02
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Bev Zimmerman often spends her days embracing trees.

“My neighbors drive by and I just wave,” she said, laughing at the sight she knows she must present, wrapped around the trunks.

But her actions are not just a demonstrative love of nature, but a way to make natural world more intimately present in her art. (more…)

Mar 30 02
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When poet Donald Hall takes the podium at Elizabethtown College’s Leffler Chapel Tuesday night, he hopes the audience will take his words into their bones.

“The end result is to move people, to get into their insides,” he said, hoping that by giving voice to his poems, the experience of his work will become richer and fuller. “I believe sound is the doorway to poetry,” he said. “Feeling the pleasure in the mouth, the pleasure in the dance, the rhymes, is really lovely.” (more…)

Mar 15 02
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Daniel Hoffman delights in the possibilities of language.

The venerable poet, now in his 79th year, writes joyfully of what is sublime and banal in this world. His sharp eye and clever wordsmithing carve poems from the primordial mire of a prehistoric time as deftly as he shapes a television program listing into verse that simply sings. (more…)

Oct 11 01
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Late night television monologues and Woody Allen movies are essential to Ronald Wallace’s poetry.

“Poetry needs to be entertaining,” Wallace said. “My comic poems go over well with an audience, but I want people who come to my reading to say that they didn’t realize serious poetry that makes them think would also be funny.” (more…)

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