May 31 11
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Before writer Chris Longenecker commits pen to paper, she tests the cadence of lines and phrases with her own footfalls.

“I work it out until I have something to share,” she says. “I feel strongly that a poem shouldn’t just be a release of emotion, but should have a message, something to say that is uplifting in some way.”

The rhythms of her rhymes are constructed painstakingly, turned over and over in her head as she pounds the pavement, to work and home again. (more…)

Oct 31 10
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For Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Hass, the natural world is a wellspring of inspiration, filled with reverence and fraught with longing.

Rooted in his native Northern California surroundings, his work explores the intimate landscape of place, finding the universal in the familiar, the uncommon in the common.

“I think we do grow souls in particular landscapes,” he says from his Bay Area home. “I’ve always cared about the natural world; it’s kind of a gift to me.” (more…)

Oct 07 10
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No matter how “acquainted with the night” Robert Frost may have been, readers tend to equate his poetry with pleasing pastoral scenes rather than with disarming darkness.

Chris Longenecker aims to change that perception. (more…)

Oct 10 08
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Artist Milt Friedly makes what can’t be said.

In metal and clay, on paper and canvas, he shapes the emotions that have no words, creating layers of meaning that carry his heart’s voice.

An ardent fan of poetry, he has long delighted in the abstract qualities of verse, the emotions that shimmer between the words, which snake through the lines, building layers of meaning. (more…)

Oct 31 05
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For poet Galway Kinnell it’s about writing the authentic.

He casts his unwavering eye to the world, telling the truth clearly and lyrically with an elegance and precision of language that is both raw and stunning.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author doesn’t hesitate to crawl inside the body of a bear, praise the loveliness of a sow, ruminate on the persistence of a fly.

For Kinnell “the connection with other creatures is important” in his work. (more…)

Oct 30 05
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Author Terry Tempest Williams is ecstatic to answer a ringing phone.

Bereft of service for a month as she moved from her native Utah to a cabin in Wyoming, the sound of a ring tone is pure joy. She delights the ability to make connections, create a space for conversations again.

She’s been a migrant the past few months, returning from a trip to Rwanda, only to turn around leave the “red sands that run in my veins” for the soaring Teton mountain range.

The renowned environmental activist, who writes so elegantly about landscape, so poetically about politics, will be traveling again in a few days, this time heading for the green fields of Lancaster. (more…)

Mar 24 04
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Poet Paul Willis experiences the world out of doors.

He likens his work to the artistic school of “plein air”, requiring canvas and paints be set up outside to directly experience what is happening. It’s while backpacking and climbing in the Sierras he can notice the bloom of mustard weed or the path glaciers once cut into stone.

And he concedes, when asked, he will even accept the label of  “nature poet,” as if the human relationship to nature is something rare to be compartmentalized. (more…)

Feb 24 04
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Ellen Gilchrist is no stranger to newspapers.

It’s where she had her first writing job, as a 14-year-old, writing a column called “Chit and Chat About This and That,” for a local Kentucky paper.

Then, the forms the words took didn’t matter to her. It was all about how best to convey her ideas. (more…)

Feb 06 04
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In a flutter of red silk, Kristin Seeley dances the alphabet, flowing through the musical scales.

He finds the spaces between sentences and listens to the turn of a musical phrase, tracing their patterns in geometric forms with his feet, as his hands sing the vowel sounds, giving shape to each note.

As an eurythmist, Seeley uses his body as an instrument to make music and poetry seen. (more…)

Oct 16 03
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Poet Tom Chandler isn’t interested in becoming immortal.

Instead, he wants his poetry to be enjoyed in the here and now.

“I’m not a guy who worships in the church of Art. I’m a working poet, doing the best I can,” he said. (more…)

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